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The world's leading community for millennial entrepreneurs who just can't settle for the 9-5 life.
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Only 50 Participants
Extremely limited seats! 
Claim yours to maximise learning experience!
The world's leading community for millennial entrepreneurs who just can't settle for the 9-5 life.
Hi There!
Listen for a second... this is important if you're serious about achieving any entrepreneurship goals,

I want to share with you just one hard truth from my own raw experiences, running many different traditional businesses for the last 11 years.

I started my first fashion brand when start-ups weren't cool and dropping out of university was considered crazy,

And I went on to start, invest, collaborate and consult with many notable fashion & entertainment brands like The Modern Outfitters, Karaoke World Championships, ZALORA, Grana, Diamond Walker, Ysneakers and so on...

In my decade of business, I encountered heartbreaks and pitfalls,

Getting into hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt,

And earning back hundreds of thousands more each time.

The truth is, I possess every skill to start a traditional business from scratch and turn it into a million-dollar brand,

BUT... there's just one undeniable truth I've discovered about traditional business

Businesses like tech, e-commerce, apps, drop-shipping, retail, F&B, and most others...

They can earn you cash, sure... but they can't earn you the one true thing that matters...


Or as I like to call it, cash for the rest of your life

Intrigued? You should be... this is something most entrepreneurs don't learn for themselves until they commit 5-10 years of their life into making mistakes in business

And now, for the first time ever, millennial entrepreneurs can take advantage of this shortcut to earn cash flow, for the rest of their lives... from day one!

Come on down to discover more...
Clinton Zheng
(Find out more when you come down to our live workshop)
Traditional businesses typically require upfront risk, which eventually weigh down and drown the entrepreneur later on. Discover new business models that are still asset light and high profit.
Business used to be accessible only to those who had massive investment capital. But, it's easier than ever before to start with $0 and build big businesses - if you know how.
The most important one of them all... if your time and effort in your early years isn't compounding into a business that's growing til you're 90, you might as well get a job!
NOT For You If...
  • ​You're just looking for a shortcut to 'get rich quick'. Time to wake up... there's no such thing. This is not an illegal MLM opportunity. MLM is illegal in Singapore and we are a reputable marketing organization employing new but legal marketing methods. So join us only if you are a serious entrepreneurial individual!
  • ​You like learning but hate doing. Success only comes from execution.
  • ​You want to 'try it your way' to see if it works. Don't waste our time and yours - the successful ones just do what's proven.
YES! For You If...
  • ​You are open-minded and coachable. You're willing to take feedback and adapt to succeed.
  • ​You are OK to make mistakes - you know that perfection is the enemy of progress.
  • ​You really, really know, deep inside, that you're an entrepreneur - and you just can't wait for your dream to become reality.
- Jia Hui, 26, Graduate of Singapore Polytechnic 
(Diploma in Business Administration)
"TNF Internetwork Entrepreneurship Program made it possible for a shy and introverted individual like me to actually have the courage to step out of my comfort zone, and at the same time be who I am.

 It's been nothing short of amazing! I am thankful for everyone in this community who has been hustling and very encouraging towards one another. Especially Clinton who has been building this community where everyone can benefit from, and where everyone within the community can succeed together.

Everyone has their own reason as to why they join this program. For me, it’s personal development and to fulfil my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Here, I get to learn from experienced businessman and other entrepreneurs of my age. I am my own boss and grow every day!

Now, one of my dreams is to help driven individuals who are crippled by their shyness and introversion to overcome their shortcomings and achieve great success. I know that by learning and facing my challenges as I grow in this program, it will help to transform me into a different person, and equip me with all the necessary skills and stories needed to help people who are like me."
Hear More Success Stories From Our Community:
Zhi Qi, 23 
SMU Graduate
"I've been loving every moment since I joined!
I'm very fortunate to have joined this community as my very first entrepreneurial endeavor. There's a lot of guidance and mentorship provided to help everybody here to succeed.

All the mindsets and skillset that I have learned and continue to learn are very applicable... they can immediately apply to your business and grow.

For people who are keen to explore business but have no idea on how to start or looking for guidance, this is the best opportunity, rather than trying on your own and losing time and money!"

Jing Heng, 23
NUS Undergraduate
"To be honest, it took Sek Yean 2 years to activate me because I was very stubborn and
the whole programme seems too good to be true

because I saw Sek Yean and Qistina earning a lot of money. Also, I kept focusing on my problems that I am very introverted, shy, and don’t have a lot of friends.

The start was very tough because I didn’t have trust in the products and I did not dare to approach anyone. However, after putting down my fears and just taking a leap of faith brought me to a magical journey. I started catching up with all my friends, relatives. Best of all, my relationship with my family improved and I managed to even contact my long-lost relatives.

This programme is very enriching because I get to apply and learn the skills I learnt and my communication skills definitely improved tremendously. I was also more confident in myself. I got to network and also made a lot of great friends."

Wallace, 22
Ngee Ann Poly Graduate
"When I was first introduced to the Internetwork Entrepreneurship Program, I didn’t have the belief in myself. I was once an introvert and was marginalised. Even though the program was designed in a very simplistic and systematic way, I didn’t expect myself to be able to succeed through this program because of my lack of connections

The mentorship guidance and training has really changed a low self-esteemed egoistic introvert like me to a successful testimonial.

Believe me, your dreams and wishes can be realised through this community! "

Qistina, 22
Ngee Ann Poly Graduate
 "Well in the beginning I was definitely very afraid of commiting to this programme as I was from the Tourism sector and initially I never ever thought of becoming an entrepreneur, due to my low risk tolerance and also being very afraid to approach strangers. 

However, after attending my first webinar, I learnt that there's a structure system and community that will really guide me through the process. So I decided to give myself some time to experience it myself.

  After 2 years in the programme, I’m really very amazed by the commitment and guidance of the mentors in the community. With my simple desire, in the beginning, of just wanting to learn new skills and also develop myself to be more responsible for my future, I was taught everything about entrepreneurship from the mindset to the skillsets and was also able to find my little and growing achievement with the team. 

Really very very thankful to be here and would love to continue to help more people discover their best self too!"

Jamie, 22
NAFA BA (Hons) Arts Management Undergraduate 
 Initially, I thought that TNF was a scam because the opportunity and learning that they offer here, is too good to be true. 

I was heavily involved in the arts scene ever since the young age of 9, and I always believed that the arts industry was the right place for me to be in. My dream was to become a Vetinarian or a Marine Biologist, but that didn't work out because I wasn't good in my sciences. Since then, I always imagine myself working in a Gallery or Museum setting. I was not keen in doing anything business related, since I felt that I do not have the right skillsets or finance capital or network capital to even get started.

Looking back, I have never regretted grabbing onto this opportunity and sticking by it. The programme was challenging in the initial stages, but it was really worthwhile and fruitful. By far, the best thing that has happened to me during this programme is that I was able to build back my family relations and discover my best self. I am constantly improving and learning every single day, without myself even knowing that I have outgrown my peers!

I have definitely seen myself mature and grew throughout the entire time with TNF, and the countless people that I have forged strong relationships with really made me realised that the world is our oyster. Never would I have imagine myself to be able to run my own global business today!

Kimberly, 24
Air Stewardess
"I felt that this was MLM business and I didn’t understand it. It was something completely unknown and I thought it wasn’t legit.

I wanted to refund my products and not do the business anymore. It was something new for me and I have no prior background so I didn’t wanna go into it as I was unsure.

The journey has been very fulfilling and I’m learning a lot. The millennial community is encouraging, positive and I love the environment that I’m in because I’m always being pushed to be better, and I’m always learning to see things from a different perspective and there’s great mentorship, and I learn a lot from each individual, that I won’t get in normal jobs outside.

I’ve grown a lot, and am still constantly growing as a person. I’ve gained more clarity on what I want in life, in myself, there’s a lot of personal growth and that to me is most important as everything starts from yourself and within, so when we have personal growth, everything will follow and flow through as well.

It’s a journey that the learning and knowledge is never ending"
Bibi Goh, 23
Ngee Ann Poly Graduate
"I had a lot of fear of judgments from other people due to lack of experience. From being an employee to an entrepreneur in 2 years, I was so afraid of doing things outside of my comfort zone because I'm so uncomfortable. The constant obstacle I had was being fearful of what's gonna happen in the future, and definitely being afraid of the eyes from the outside people to be judged, despised and looked down on.

To be very honest. At the start, it was very scary the fact that I'm out at a complete route and journey with something new.

I've been in the business for up to 2 years now and I really enjoyed every part and parcel of the journey because I get to learn from my mentor about sales and marketing, from somebody with no experience in sales and marketing to somebody who is experienced in sales and marketing today. I'm thankful that 2 years ago I made the right choice to start this route, which actually made the person I am today. It's also a very fun and enjoyable community to be with because the entrepreneurs in TNF are constantly helping and taking care of each other's welfare, making sure everybody hit their goals they set for themselves. It's honestly like a second family to me.

Through this programme, I became a more outspoken and confident person. I'm able to portray myself more in public and don't care about other people's opinion about me as I know what I'm doing.

I love myself now more and more because I'm on my way to become someone who I wanna be in the future."
Lee Wen Yang, 24
Temasek Poly Graduate
"Initially when I exposed myself to this opportunity, I thought I’m in for some kind of a scam or this is just another MLM opportunity that I even told my friend off telling him that he better make sure that he’s not scamming old people’s money, but having the desire to really succeed and wanting to become an entrepreneur, but I never had the knowledge, capital nor network. Having to be able to work with this system now has changed everything around me totally.

Hustling with this community and this journey has allowed me to improve a lot in my social skills, my relationships with friends and my family as well. More importantly, manage to see how businesses gel together with a whole ecosystem.

 This journey has been nothing less than fun as I enjoy every single day which gives me every opportunity to reconnect with long lost friends and connect with new friends too.

With this programme, I have managed to learn how to seriously build different pipelines in business settings and further improve on my business and development skills.

More importantly, learning the power of leveraging on platforms to facilitate business growth."

Larissa, 23
SIM GE, Degree in Sustainable Events Management
 "The price was costly for me because I had just barely managed to save up a certain amount but then I had to part with the money again. 

Now that I think back, I don't regret it, because what I got from here was worth much more than the amount I paid for. 

It’s very enriching and I’ve learnt and grew a lot as an individual here. The environment has also been very supportive and encouraging. Everyone here really helps me willingly with my best interest at heart. Through this journey I was able to know myself a little better and start to improve little by little, to become the person I envision myself to be in the future. 

I used to be someone who is very timid and of few words and afraid to make mistakes. However everyone here really embraced and accepted me the way I am, and continuously found ways to help me improve and discover my best self. 

Through this program my mindset has changed a lot. I used to be a very negative person and egoistic, but I eventually learned to be more grateful for the little things in life and became more positive and optimistic. 

Overall this program has really changed me for the better and I'm continuously working on this ."
Carol Lim, 49
Internal Sales
“Initially when I was exposed to this opportunity, I thought to myself this is too good to be true. Having been an employee for more than 20 years, I never think of becoming an entrepreneur. I am too shy to share with people, nor have the network, knowledge or skill set. I was so afraid of doing things outside of my comfort zone.

I’m thankful that I have made the right choice. I get to learn from my mentor about sales and marketing which I have no prior experience in. This journey has allowed me to improve my social skills, re-connect with my long-lost friends and relatives. 

The environment has also been very encouraging and everyone here helps one another and works together to achieve our own goals.

Through this program, it have helps me to transform my mindset to be a more positive and confident person as an individual. I used to be a very negative person and always mindful of what other people will think of me. 

There is a lot of personal growth that I have developed and learnt in this community that I don’t get to learn in normal jobs outside.

It is a very challenging and never learning journe”

Vivian Yeo, 25
Sales Consultant
Honestly speaking, it took Wen Yang 2 years to activate me because I was very skeptical and thinking that this program seems too good to be true. I also felt that this was an illegal MLM business and some kind of scams. 

I always have the desire to succeed and always wanting to start my own business, but I never had the knowledge, capital nor network. 

Now I am really thankful to have this opportunity. This program has changed everything around me. 

Being able to hustle with this community while on this program has allowed me to improve on my networking skills & interaction skills. My relationship with my friends and family has improved too.

I have become more confident in myself. I met lots of new friends. This programme taught me many different kind of skills and I get to apply and learn from it.
Doreen Yeo, 38
Occupation Assistant Banker
“In the beginning, I didn’t think this was legit, like how can someone earn this much from this program ?

I was in denial at first, didnt really focus too much on how much the program was bringing me. I did it more to help people but saw my income increase just by helping people after 1 month.

It is definitely legit now that i have been in this program for 2 months. I would say there is hard work to it, but fulfilling as well as it is important that others know that they is a program that work and will help change their lives.“

Dillon Ong, 21
Singapore Poly Undergraduate
When I first join this community it was hard to learn all the new things and follow anyone as prior to joining Internetwork Entrepreneurship Program, I was leading a few teams on my own. 

I had had to hit my own walls and learn on my own how to lead my team and at the same time grow myself all on my own. 

So when I was exposed to 1-to-1 mentoring and having someone to be constantly focused on my growth, I felt very uncomfortable shifting my mindset to humble myself and learn from someone all over again.

Working along side with my mentors really taught me how to leverage more on my team than do everything my myself as there is a saying 'If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together'. 

This reminder help me to learn to work with my mentors and fast forward in a mere three months, I have my own team to lead without burning out as I know my mentors are along side me growing my team.
Felicia, 20
Main obstacle was the initial cost to be paid and I was financially strapped for cash. In addition, I was extremely worried that this business may be hard to sustain as the business model for a residual income is only possible if there are builders that can help me, i thought that MLM was a business model that many had a taboo of and may not join me and it will definitely be hard to sustain in the long run. 

Lastly all the product offered were premium products and hence the price is definitely much higher than the outside market which i had no confidence in hitting my goals .

It was a very different experience from what i had when i was doing my own business or working in other companies be it SMEs or MNCs as the experiences i had previously were all lacking in one way or another, when i was doing my own ecommerce business I was alone to resolve all my problems and there was a lack of community, working in SMEs gave rise to the issue of micromanaging where i had no freedom to make my own decision. Working in MNC means I had to work long hours for a meagre amount of pay and not forgetting the constant need to listen fully to my bosses. In TNF i found a holistic solution to all these issues I faced, I experienced the fully supportive community with individuals always willing to lend a helping hand regardless of whether they know you directly or not, the freedom to plan your own time and the ability to discuss with fellow like minded friends in the community. That is the beauty of networking that I would not be able to get elsewhere if not for TNF.

Firstly, it gave me indispensable skills such as interpersonal skills and the very much needed perseverance because in this business it is definitely tough at its initial stage with many disapproval be it from family or friends. I cannot express the number of times i wanted to give up because obviously i could just get a decent job with a decent pay with my results and degree in time to come but it was definitely not what I wanted. Honestly, I would have given up long ago if it wasnt for my upline constantly pushing me to not give up being in the TNF environment where we know and want to discover the best of ourselves.

Secondly, I get to learn digital marketing which is an extremely important technical skill given this technological era where I could harness and leverage the system to progress further. Ironically, this was never and would likely not be taught in school over the next 5 years to come. Hence this was a much needed benefit in order for me to constantly develop myself in a self-actualization journey, giving me the much needed "career development" opportunities.

Lastly, there would definitely be the practical aspects of monetary returns that I needed to fund my own lifestyle with the freedom of time as I can imagine myself continuing with it even after school term starts.
Mak Wei Jun, 20
“Sales and marketing is an area that I was foreign to. 
When I was first introduced to TNF Internetwork Entrepreneurship Program, I’d be lying if I said that I was excited and eager to learn about this field. I was apprehensive. I wasn’t sure if I had encountered a ‘too good to be true’ scam. As much as I wanted to explore this field and earn some extra cash, I was held back by doubts and concerns of TNF being a ponzi/pyramid scheme that is out there to cheat (just like many others, I didn’t know the difference between ponzi, pyramid and mlms). Nevertheless, I took the leap of faith and began my learning journey.

The journey is tough, rejections and the long hours.
There were many occasions where my preconceived judgments and thoughts (based on my limited knowledge of sales and marketing strategies) would set it. I would start questioning myself if I really had been scammed/cheated. Having said that, I wasn’t sure I had these thoughts just because I initially believed that TNF ran on a ponzi/pyramid marketing scheme or I was simply giving up (as the journey is tough). Irregardless, I pushed on. I didn’t want to miss out on an apportioning because I was unsure.

You reap what you sow. Weeks later, the struggles and set backs I had initially proved to be crucial. I received my first pay. I would dare say I made a sum of money that my peers could only dream of (in my current position of course). It may seem as though I am a materialistic individual that requires tangible outcomes/rewards to prove a point or otherwise. In this case, that TNF is not a scam. 

To a certain extent yes, I need to know that what I am doing/ going through is worth it. Looking back, it wasn’t the money that made me come to a conclusion. It was the struggles, set backs, rejections and doubts (be it from myself or others) I went through that made my learn and understand on a deeper level how TNF and the business model worked. 

The income was just a bonus. I am sure that there are many people out there who had the same opinion as me initially. Come in with an open mind and heart and you will learn so much more.”
Rose Bella, 23
“I didn’t have any background regarding this and I'm an introverted person so it was kinda uncomfortable for me to do things , and also being a foreigner I dun really have much friends to connect with. 

It was really exciting and I got to learn a lot of new things that I didn’t know. Aside from that, the environment is really positive and everyone is really helpful, kind and courageous, approachable and resourceful.

I get to learn a lot of things related to internetworking, how to deal with different people , how to improve and take care of our beliefs, goals and dreams. How to make things possible, mentally, physically and spiritually, how to train our mindset.”
Janelle, 21
Republic Poly Graduate
“I was only 18 year old when my good friend's brother, Sekyean, introduced me to the Internetwork Entrepreneurship Program. 

It took Sekyean close to a month to get myself committed to this Internetwork Entrepreneurship Program. I was very resistant to this opportunity as I felt that I wasn't ready. All I wanted was to fool around and hangout with my friends since I could still get some allowance from my parents.

Until one day when I hung out with the community for the first time, I got inspired by them. Majority of them were around my age yet they were already committed to succeed in this Internetwork Entrepreneurship journey. They shared with me their WHYs and I also got to know that some of them were going through similar predicaments as me. 

It's been close to three years and with the mentorship guidance here, my family and friends has seen the growth in my personal development. 

If you're thinking that this Internetwork Entrepreneurship Program is all about WORK WORK WORK, you're wrong!

This community is like homies. 
You really have to experience it yourself to understand 
what I mean by that.”
“You can only duplicate in others what you have already duplicated in yourself” 
Clinton Zheng
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